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10, 000 Years of Art in your pants

Mockingjay in your pants. 

I’ll admit, not as satisfying as Catching Fire in your pants, but hey. 

The Return of Sherlock Holmes in your pants.

yes. Good.

Matched in your pants 

Howl’s Moving Castle in your pants

mmmmm ok

Life, the Universe, and Everything in your pants

oh god help I can’t

The Hobbit in Your Pants

wow, I can read that in way too many way

the great gatsby in your pants


Get this broskis.

The Left Hand of Darkness in your pants.

The Lord of the Flies in your pants.

American Gods in your pants.


The Devil in the Whit City in your pants

SHIT NO. Let’s try the other books I’m reading

The Wounded Sky in your pants


The Supernatural Tales of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in your pants

My pants have disturbing things in them…
Hold on. What

An Abundance of Katherine’s in your pants

Clash of Kings in your pants. Sounds like fun ;D

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy in your pants. (Those must be some huge pants. lql)

The adventures of Sherlock Holmes IN YOUR PANTS. Hell yeah

A Storm of Swords in your pants.

Oh dear. 

For the Relief of Unbearable Urges… in your pants.

Done and done.

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    The reluctant fundamentalist in your pants…ummmm
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    I’m just gonna come out and say it.. 50 shades of in my pants.
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    The Family in your pants….o.o
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    Jurassic Park in your pants.
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    An abundance of Katherine’s in my pants
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    Jane Eyre in your pants
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    The Lord of the Rings in your pants
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    Holy Jesus Christ! The Wise Mans Fear … in your pants.
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    Looking for Alaska in your pants.
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    The Girl Who Played With Fire in your pants
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    Island of Bones in your pants & Lolita in your pants
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    Norse Gods, Goddesses, Giants, Dwarves, Elves & More… in your pants Fuck that, man, I’m not into orgies.
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    A Dance With Dragons in your pants
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    Wicked in your pants Mists of Avalon in your pants American Gods in your pants oh dear
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    Ender’s Game in your pants & Emma Frost in your pants… and… Catching Fire in your pants.
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    Genesis in your pants Whoho :,D
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    Surviving Antarctica in your pants. Oh my…
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    Human Transit in your pants.
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    The Iliad in your pants… This could have been funnier…
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    Forever in your pants… well then
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    The Awakening…in your pants…this book has redeemed it’s first few chapters.
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    Prodigy in your pants…..oh
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    The firm in your pants
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    Unwholly In Your Pants
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    A Study In Scarlet… In Your Pants! :3
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    City of Fallen Angles in your pants… party down there!!!

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